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sunny daze are near…

6 Jun

Here’s a sneak peak at some of our Summer styles coming soon to a store near you! Have a great summer everyone!  

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25 May

Holiday’12 : Preview of what’s to come in the winter

6 May

PHOTOGRAPHER: Asami Zenri- Asami Photography / MODELS: Perola & Madeline Turner / MUA: Vanessa Venancio / HAIR: Lauren Rynders / Shoot Director:  Jackie P.

Q & A: with the Designer

20 Jan

Interview by Mary Moran

With the anticipation of the Chíché brand launching in stores this Spring 2012, I decided to sit down with the designer, Jackie Phandanouvong and discuss how the conception of the brand emerged.

What was your inspiration for the line? Chíché was the name my partner chose.  It is pronounced “she-shay” and it derives from a French expression meaning “I dare you!”  When I formulated the concept of the brand, I wanted to keep the meaning of the name as part of our brand identity.  

Chíché is about taking risks, trying something new, styling, mixing print with solid, the borrowed with the new.  It’s about street style, blogging, vintage and designer items.  That is how girls are dressing these days, and making it their own.  Fashion is not that serious, so neither should it’s price point.  I wanted this to be a fun line that is accessible, that was important.  The line is also inspired by nostalgia, how every woman evolves into their own sense of style.  For me, I have always remembered “thrifting”,  finding new pieces because I didn’t find them in the stores.  I mixed things to make it my own look.  It’s about finding personal style, separates and learning how to make it work for you. 

How long have you worked as a designer?  I’ve been a professional designer for about thirteen years now.  I moved from my hometown in Kansas and went to New York to go to F.I.T. and have been designing every since.

Where have you lived in America most of your life?  I grew up in the Midwest in Kansas, and then I lived in New York for over twelve years now I am at the beach in California.  I think living in different cities and traveling makes me much more well rounded to understand the type of consumer that I design for.

 What have been your struggles with starting the line and making it successful? It is always hard to find the perfect balance.  Everyone these days has an opinion on fashion, and it’s hard to be perfect for “everyone”.  You have to maintain your point of view and your integrity in the brand.  I always think about this when I design..…maintaining the balance for mass appeal and remaining true to your design intention.

As an American designer, do you think it is harder or easier to start a line than it would be as a foreign designer? Not necessarily, anyone can start a fashion line, it is just a matter if it has the potential to go anywhere.  It doesn’t matter if you’re American or if you are foreign, anyone can have a great idea but not everyone can know how to make that idea actually happen, and that’s what really counts. 

Thanks Jackie for taking time to speak with us.  We can’t wait to see the products in stores.  Here is a quick preview of some of the styles coming your way soon! 

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