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It’s time for MAGIC

7 Feb

It's time for MAGIC



Sneak Peak for Upcoming Season

4 Feb

Sneak Peak for Upcoming Season

Photography by: Ashley Espeseth / Model:  Aurora Joon (Click) Jessi Renee (Willow) / MUA+hair:  Samantha Riff/ Assistant:  Sienna Weiler / Styling:  Jackie P.


Sneak Peak for Upcoming Season

4 Feb

Sneak Peak for Upcoming Season

Photography by: Ashley Espeseth

Interview With Up and Coming Photographer Ashley Espeseth

4 Feb


Since she was young, Ashley Espeseth has always known that she was destined to be a photographer. Her incredible talent and hard-working passion has now led her to become a successful photographer for the Chiche clothing brand. I caught up with her and asked the up and coming photographer some questions.


How long have you been interested in/pursuing photography?

I’m pretty sure I came out of the womb screaming love for fashion/editorial photography. I still have memories of stealing my moms W Magazines at the age of 4 and ripping out my favorite photos. I wouldn’t say I got too serious into pursuing my career of it until I got out of high school & realized my life wouldn’t be content sitting in an office, I gave myself no choice but to make sure I spent the rest of my life doing something I utterly adored.


How did you meet Jackie/get in touch with the Chiche brand company?

I’m pretty sure Jackie found me on one of my many networking sites promoting myself up the ass haha needless to say when I saw her email I jumped on the opportunity to work with her & her fabulous clothing brand within seconds!


In your opinion, what makes a good photographer?

#1 Passion, There’s no way you’ll be good if you’re not loving it.. attitude shows in shoots, if you hate it, it’ll show.

#2 Dedication, I think a lot of people.. at least in their 20’s forget about good, solid, commitment. If you have chances to go out & party like most people my age, & a shoot at 7am… your best bet is to let everyone else go to Woody’s in Newport & wear your dancing shoes on a clear schedule to show your career goals a little dedication.

#3 Being Personable, I try to make sure I’m personable, positive, & have the best attitude with people in this industry, I think you always need to be on your A game when it comes to your personality in the biz… being someone people actually want to be around & making close relationships in this industry is half the game….. I’d rather shoot a horrible model with an amazing, sweet pie, attitude than an incredible model with a hangover, tardiness, who’s going to be a bummer the whole time.


What motivates you to do what you do?

Honestly…. the reaction of my clients! Seeing the work of an entire team who joined together to make some magic & everyone’s love to the final piece is one of the best parts of this job! Not to mention spending a day on the beach in a gorgeous cove, photographing models, laughing at myself while I pretend to model thinking I can show her/him how to do what they do better than they can, everyday is pretty priceless & motivating in itself.


Who is your favorite photographer?

I’m an enormous Nicole Hill fan, especially after working with her & seeing how someone so great at what they do, having a name for themselves, & never letting it get to their head, to be so down to earth… as if she wasn’t already my favorite. She should be her own favorite.


Where did you get your inspiration (your vision) for the Chiche photo shoot?

Well these clothes are so damn adorable I can’t stand it! Being a Summer collection, how sweetly cliche’ of me to do a Chiche shoot at the beach, eh? …. Okay, you know I just wanted to write “cliche’ & Chiche'” next to each other. Anyway, I never have a vision! Aha. My visions don’t come to me until after I’ve shot everything, & get on photo shop. I spend much more time visualizing my designs on the photos that I take, & I knew once I had that full chip of one thousand photos from the day I wanted them to have just the right amount of rustic, retro, & rad. Ooh the “R”s of my work & mod, cute, clothes 😉


What do you think about the Chiche clothing?

Ooh my goodness! Okay, where to start!? I’m… in… love? So not only did I get this email from the greatest little lady, to shoot for her, but the line is incredible, her assistant is amazing, & her fiancé’s shoe line is insane! This was the perfect job! I’m obsessed with these clothes. They’re flirty, mod, a little vintage, & I’m not sure, but I’m pretty sure you thought the words “SUPER DAMN ADORABLE!” My best friend Samantha Riff (the make up artist) & I were pretty much drooling over all the items at the shoot & were ready to snag the bag of clothes & run!


Where do you hope that photography takes you in the future?

I’ve always said, if one day I’m living in NYC & make it in W Magazine I’ve made it. I think the more I’m in this, I see myself being so content & happy just… doing it. I just hope to be living off of what I love forever… that’s where I want it to take me.  


Written by:

Sienna Weiler


2 Feb